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Being in foreclosure is a serious burden, both mentally and financially. 


Here at Summit Real Estate Law Firm we take fighting foreclosures extremely seriously.


We have saved thousands of our clients homes from foreclosure and in the process brought them peace and stability.


We understand that making your mortgage payments on time is your number one priority. However, when family emergencies, reduced income or health issues arise, it can make honoring your monthly mortgage payments extremely difficult.


That's why Summit Real Estate Law Firm and its partners have mastered foreclosure defense strategies that work!

Loss mitigation is a term used by banks that reference "hardship" programs. At Summit Real Estate Law Firm we know of every hardship program that the banks offer and how to win!


If you are in an active foreclosure or about to be, its crucial you don't delay. Banks will not hesitate accelerating proceedings and auctioning off your home.

We specialize in these situations and consider ourselves the best at what we do.

If your intent is to keep the home and not let the banks win, then call us today!

After all, helping homeowners is what we do.

Summit Real Estate Law Firm

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 Litigation Vs. Arbitration




A lot of homeowners think there only way out of foreclosure is to fight the bank head on in a litigation scenario. That's when you are in a court room standing in front of a judge and jury.

Although it may seem satisfying to fight the bank and give them a peace of your mind.

In the servicing world, all this does is cause the bank to get defensive and not want to work with you at all.

We feel, litigation scenarios are best for when you have already exhausted all other options and are left with no other choice but to fight in court.





Loss Mitigation.


Unlike litigation, Loss Mitigation allows you to fight the bank head on. You do not have to go to court and fight the banks attorneys in person.

We feel Loss Mitigation is the fastest, most affordable way to get help.

All banks offer up a loss mitigation review. Each bank has their own way of going about these reviews and each bank has their own time frames as to when it will be finalized.

Within the banks loss mitigation department, there is a whole network of foreclosure alternatives the banks don't want you to know about.

We have been doing this for so long, we have perfected all these alternatives and the steps needed to achieve a successful outcome.

By working with the bank and not against them, it allows our clients a window of opportunity to set things right and achieve a fresh start.


Within the loss mitigation departments there are:


1. Short-Sale Division.

2. Modification Division.

3. Re-entry Team.

4.Deed In Leu Of Foreclosure Options.

5. Moratorium.

6.Straight Interest Rate Reductions.

7. Collections Department.

8. Legal Department.


Each department has its own set of rules and regulations. Each bank has its own process of going about those rules and regulations.

It takes an expert to be able to achieve a successful outcome. And here at Summit Real Estate Law Firm, we are those experts.


Summit Real Estate Law Firm

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