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  • What Is A Loan Modification?
    A loan modification is very similar to a traditional refinance. A loan modification helps to reduce the mortgage payment and interest rate.
  • Can A Loan Modification Stop A Foreclosure?
  • How Long Does A Loan Modification Take?
    Modification reviews vary. It all depends on your bank. Is your bank working to resolve your issue? Or is your bank looking to drag the process out and make your situation worse? Most banks take around 4-6 months to complete a review.
  • Is A Loan Modification Right For Me?
    A good question to ask yourself is, do you qualify for a traditional refinance? Most homeowners who are interested in a loan modification have looked into refinancing but didn’t qualify for a number of reasons. With loan modifications a homeowner can have bad credit, negative equity, outstanding debts, be behind on their mortgage payments and still get a lower interest rate!
  • What Are The Benifits Of A Loan Modification?
    1. With today’s interest rates still at an all-time low. There’s never been a better time in America's history to apply for a loan modification. 2. If a homeowner is behind on their mortgage payments. A loan modification will bring them current! 3. In some instances, a homeowner whose home is underwater can receive a principle reduction! That's where a homeowner who has negative equity on their home can receive a large sum of money be taken off their overall principle balance. Helping to match their loan with what the home is actually worth in today’s market. These are just some of the benefits a loan modification can achieve!
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