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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a RIS that came with our PACS. It seems ok.

RIS is an “afterthought” to PACS vendors who are radiology interpretation-centric. By contrast, the Turnkey Radiology™ RIS was developed by an imaging center operator as the “business hub” to consolidate and optimize all non-clinical operations and revenue cycle services.

Turnkey Radiology™ works with any PACS via an HL7 connection.

We use a “big name” billing, collection company. Isn’t that better?

We used to be a client of the “big name” companies too until we realized how much of our money they were leaving on the table because a) they aren’t focused on patient collections, b) don’t even post collections by exam, and c) have very lax policies on refiling denied claims!

The “big name” guys only make “half-hearted” attempts to collect patient dollars which can be 35%+ of total collections and essential to survival.

Turnkey Radiology™ has software rules that won’t allow complete patient registration (and hence, scans) unless all demographics are accurate and time-of-service obligations are met and approved payment plans set up.*

*The Turnkey Radiology™ staff is available via phone to answer patient questions and set up payment plans according to the policies you approve. (Your staff isn’t forced to have awkward patient financial conversations in the reception area. Plus, without management-approved exceptions, they can’t deviate from what you’ve approved!)

Bottom line: Turnkey Radiology™ is based on a revenue cycle service we use ourselves. We’re constantly improving Turnkey Radiology™ to reduce operating costs as well as improve our own collections. You benefit from these on-going enhancements – no additional fees.

We’ve been doing outpatient imaging for years. How can you improve our productivity?

The Turnkey Radiology™ software can optimize exam times with the level of detail you determine. Over the course of a day or week, etc., you’ll have more open time slots which means you’re less likely to get behind schedule and incur overtime costs.

Do I really need mobile, on-line registration?

Covid-19 highlighted the need to minimize the time patients are in an imaging center.

Patients appreciate efforts to respect their safety and their valuable time. (Becomes a competitive advantage for you.) Plus, it improves patient throughput, overall scan productivity.

Do I really need real-time reports? We’ve gotten along pretty well without them so far.

Real-time data on operating metrics and collections in graphical formats are very insightful. Graphs allow you to easily and quickly visualize problems and opportunities for improvement.

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