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Summit takes stopping foreclosures seriously.
Listed are some of the foreclosure prevention programs we work with.
Offered by Summit;
loan modifications work to lower mortgage payments, bring homeowners current and
stop foreclosures.
For homeowners looking to walk away from the property. A short sale may be your best option.
A moratorium provides people with time to stabilize their finances before dealing with potential problems, such as a mortgage default and foreclosure.
Quit claim deeds as well as other title issues can be resolved through our Dispute Resolution Department.
Our law firm handles bankruptcy filings for clients seeking debt relief through options that make the most sense for their individual economic situations and needs.



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Foreclosure Defense


Summit Real Estate Law Firm has devoted all of its time and energy into saving homeowners homes. 

We understand that your home is your dream. With a proven track record we only take on files we know we can help. 

Modern day banks are notorious for making homeowners life's difficult.

Summit Real Estate is the best at handling tough banks and getting homeowners real help.


Summit Real Estate Law Firm has a unique way of pre-qualifying homeowners to see which workout program would be best for them. 

With years' experience we know all the ins and outs of the banks processes and programs.

A lot of homeowners may be eligible for a special government program and not even be aware of  it.

Here at Summit Real Estate Law Firm  we like to think that no bank is to tough. We specialize in Loss Mitigation options ranging from Loan Modifications to Deed in Lieu of Foreclosures, Moratorium options as well as Short Sales and Bankruptcies.

We truly hold our clients best interest at heart and understand that you are just looking for a fresh start.

Our job is to make your life easier. And here at Summit Real Estate Law Firm we can achieve this goal.




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Foreclosure Defense